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I’ve been a busy bunny lately with a few things so the blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. Just looking at my messages and apparently I have new ‘Followers’. My lord I’m so popular! My blog is reaching the masses! I’m going worldwide! But I’ve got to be honest, some of them […]

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What the hell is that about….

Last night I was walking with an old lady with no shoes on. Me not the old lady. We were trying to fix a broken cassette tape, brown, thin tape everywhere. Both of us madly trying to spool it back in. Then into some large building that was flooding quickly as I tried in vain […]


Lost in space.

Me and technology have never really been the best of friends. In fact at times we’ve been the worst of enemies. The TV retuning is a nightmare. Ah bring back the old days when a telly warmed up and all you had was three channels. Now the remote flies through the air after half an […]