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Omicron is coming, let’s have one last party! It won’t bother me, I’m fit, hale and hearty! What?! Wear a mask?!! No let’s have a drink, Let’s paint the town red, I’m in the pink! I have my rights, I’m sick of this limbo, Covid can do one, it’s Xmas! It’s Crimbo! It’s only a […]

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Two bee oar knot too B

” Alas poor Yorick….I knew him…” Actually I don’t have a clue who the man was, apart from he was a skull. Shakespeare passed me by at school. I was far too busy avoiding power crazed priests with bamboo canes or throwing blackboard rubbers in my direction. In fact when I see a Catholic priest […]

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Who, What, Where?

What if Diago married Donna? Or Billy went on Holiday? Did George C Scott? Is Bill Withers? Would Ludvig beet Hoven? Is Gene Wilder? And is Taylor Swift? Would Chevy chase? What if Julius Caesar? Will Sam Neill? Brian May… Natalie Wood….

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On the ropes…

It’s the last round…the world is on the ropes being battered by big industry… It’s hanging on grimly…about to fall to it’s knees…down and out… So where do we go from here? Phase down coal but not phase out? Mind you I was trying to cut out biscuits but now I’m phasing them down. One […]

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Once upon a time..

I’m writing a book. It’s a thrilling thriller. When I say I’m writing it’s just the first page so far, well the title anyway. It’s called GOLDILOCKS. THE REVENGE. The story goes like this… After the porridge incident Goldie becomes a delinquent, in and out of junvinile courts and blames those bears dressed as humans […]

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Oh God Christmas adverts are on…all these happy families in happy houses smiling at each other in festive jumpers. The new John Lewis advert is out ( so does anybody actually shop in John Lewis?!) and it’s just plain weird, involving an alien and a kid. I wish the silver faced invader would zap the […]

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Clever people…

Clever people get right on my nerves, nine letters on Countdown, all consonants and verbs, Mastermind baffles my spec of a brain, specialist subjects, drive me insane, University challenge, who needs all that knowledge? same winners each year, Oxford, Kings College, I turn it all off cos it makes me feel thick as a plank, […]