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I popped to Hull Minster today to see the planet earth…. Seven metres in diameter and created used NASA high definition. It’s quite a size…. Its a fantastic thing to see…


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Afghanistan, Taliban, women, hopeless, war


Imagine being young,Imagine being female,Imagine you have a future,Imagine being terrified,Imagine men with guns,Imagine hope being stolen,Imagine being told how to live,Imagine your freedom taken away,Imagine hate wrapped in religion,Imagine losing everything,Imagine living in darkness,Imagine having no voice,Imagine begging for help,Imagine silence.

Global warming, earth, mother nature, pollution


Last night it showed a clip on the news about the wildfires in Turkey. The reporter filming from a beach in the big resort of Marmaris, a very popular place with the British holidaymaker. The hills were on fire. The sky red and smoke everywhere. Lots of men and women running around but even more […]