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Two funerals, a few sausage rolls and a pink feather boa.

Two funerals in three weeks. My brother in law first then my sister in law. They were very chalk and cheese and the funerals showed that. For John, it was no service as such because he didn’t believe in God. Pink Floyd played The Great Gig In The Sky and most of The Dark Side Of The Moon album. My wife said a few words and we put photos of him in the crematorium. We wore huddies and tee shirts in honour of his fashion sense but we didn’t bother with the greasy kebab stains or burnt holes where he’d dropped his butts though, that was just John. People chatted about him and he would have probably loved us all to have a spliff or two. Then it was back to ours for sausage rolls, his favourites. The wake is in the summer, on the beach next to his home. Bonfire with a few beers, blue skies and the sun with a bit of luck.

Kay’s was completely different. The service was in Beverley Minster, a huge old church (you need to Google it to see for yourself, it’s amazing) that’s been around for centuries. Her coffin had diamante’s on it, sparkling away. People sang as the organ played loudly. I had to buy a new suit because something strange has happened with my wardrobe. I think it must have got damp or perhaps it’s witchcraft but my suits don’t fit me. And also alot of my shirts. It’s very odd. So I had to buy a new one for the occasion. I’ll have to put it somewhere different though, as I don’t want it to shrink like the rest. I’m going to get rid of that wardrobe, just in case. My wife took a pink feather boa because that was Kay to a tee as she was very much a party girl at heart. So it was back to a pub, loud music and food.

Life, is indeed a rusty rollercoaster, with it’s spins and dips and corkscrews. We all have to ride it and hopefully your highs will be far greater than the lows.

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

28 replies on “Two funerals, a few sausage rolls and a pink feather boa.”

It’s nice to remember people in a way that would make them happy. Sad that you’ve lost them though. About the shrinking clothes, we’ve run into that problem here too. They just don’t make them to last anymore. The Captain’s wetsuit for diving was the worst. It must have shrunk three sizes over the years! Funny how that happens….

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Condolences, Vinny. I like the sound of John’s funeral though. I might give that a go, but not just yet! Nice for Kay too, that she also got what she would have wanted. 😂
BTW I think we must have bought our wardrobes from the same shrinking-clothing company!

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