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Dancing with Rats.

My wife walked slowly backward into the living room, her shaking hand pointing and said, ” Massive rat in the garden……” A bit like Chief Brody in Jaws when he sees the Great White up close and personal. I jumped up, well slowly rose, knees popping, bones creaking and had a look but the blighter […]

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The very first argument in the world..

” Ug ug?” the Caveman said kindly to his one and only, ” Ug!Ug!” she snapped, sick to death of his baloney, “Ug….ug?” he said, his large forehead frowning, “UG!!UG!!uuggg!” she raged, her chest starts ‘a’pounding, “….ug? ” he says and glanced around the cave, ” Ug. Ug. Ug. Ug. Ug,” she shouts, sick of […]

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The Good ship, Me.

I sail the boat, the good ship ‘Me’, Through gales, wind, and stormy sea, Crushed, smashed, a broken sail, Hold the wheel, I must prevail… The good ship ‘Me’ plows proudly on, Cut through the blue, the clouds are gone, The sun shines down, the sky is clear, Gaze to the horizon, it holds no […]

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We have so much cash Send a Rover to Mars Satellites and rockets All the way to the stars Spend millions on bombs Bullets and guns War is a profit Killing fathers and sons With billionaires bloated Greased political palms Then church on a sunday Reading the psalms And people are starving No food in […]

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Where do we go….?

First “serious” poem. What the hell are dreams about? I woke up and wrote this. Let me know what you think! Where do we go when we sleep? To far away places? Who do we meet? In ever moving realms Strangers who we’ll never see On shifting moving ground Spectrums of colours, seen by […]

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Meeting your maker… popping your clogs… bite the dust…. kicking the bucket..I’ve had more brushes with death than Evil Knievel and I don’t ride a motorcycle or wear the cape. And I definitely haven’t tried to jump the Grand Canyon. But I have had a few near misses though. Five heart attacks, a stent, which […]