Christmas, Flowers

Happy Christmas!

The beautiful poinsettia…. Apparently it goes way back to the Aztec times. Now of course it’s the plant associated with this time of year…. So Happy Christmas to one and all….


Past Christmas.

I’ve never wrote a poem in my life but here goes….a little Christmas ode…. Oh Christmas time….. Not enough money in our pockets, Too many plugs to fit in sockets, A good excuse to drink all day, A drunken Santa on his sleigh. Eat a full pork pie and a selection box, Slumped in a […]

Hull, Sky, Pier

Pier in Hull.

Just found this photo hidden away on my phone. It’s the old pier here in Hull. A ferry would cross the river Humber, several times a day to Lincolnshire. When the Humber Bridge came along in 1981 the old boat was no longer needed but the pier remains.


Natural Beauty.

I was never a big fan of flowers if I’m honest. But the last few years I’ve begun to really appreciate how lovely they are. This rose has just started to wilt. It’s on our table and I look at it everyday and just think it’s beautiful. Mother Nature. Wow.