short stories

The Last Breath.

The man lay in the semi darkness. Wires attached to his chest and neck spooled upward to various machines that beeped and glowed. The hiss of oxygen was very loud to him, the mask tight and uncomfortable on his cheeks. They moved him into a room after he deteriorated. All he could remember was a […]

blog Christmas Santa Tattoo

Santa with a tattoo.

We took our little nieces to see Father Christmas yesterday. Both girls under six so the magic of Christmas was overflowing. Excited faces and smiles. It was breakfast with Santa which is essentially an overpriced full English with some old bloke sat in a corner, sweating under a large red suit with a huge fake […]

blog Elf unhappy Xmas!

The Unhappy Elf.

You see a lot of them, this time of year. Faces that should be shining with glad tidings and joy but look more like a slapped arse. Their cup of Christmas cheer is leaking and definitely down to the dregs. Those morose shop assistants having to wear a ridiculous hat whatever the circumstances…. Had a […]