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What the hell is abstract art? It is a very strange thing to me. Sometimes its looks as if an animal has done it. So I had a think ( I know, I know it’s dangerous ) Googled it and would you believe it, animals do actually paint. The one above was painted by Congo […]

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I’ve been in hospital to have a thing done called an ablation. The doctors insert thin wires up through either side of the groin into arteries that go into the heart. I’m having it done because I have scarring in my heart from previous heart attacks which has been causing arrhythmia, making the old ticker […]

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The Jab.

I had my second covid vaccination yesterday. Brilliant to get it done. Very quick, very easy. Smooth as clockwork. They give you some paperwork with various things on it like side effects. Today I feel like I’ve been kicked by a horse. Not a little Shetland pony but a gigantic Shire horse. A very angry […]

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The mysterious case of the missing toenail clipping….

A damp chill hung in the air. Drops of rain ran down the windows, racing one another. Shiny puddles danced beneath the sodium lights as I walking into my office. The glass door had my name on it in faded gold lettering. Sam Shovel. Private Dic. Inside, my office was as warm as a Los […]

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Mother Nature turned and said, ” What have you people done?””I’ve been here for quite a while spinning around this big old Sun.”” You came along and took me for a ride.”” Killing and poisoning me, you’ll be crying when I’ve died.”” So you think you know better than me?”” Polluting my sky and throwing […]

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Recipe for disaster.

I’m just sat watching the telly and my lord there is some absolute rubbish on. Every channel has been taken over by endless gameshows, rolling news and worst of all, cookery programmes. Chefs are now practically superstars. All for slinging a few ingredients in a pan and charging rediculous prices which people seem happy to […]