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We took a drive a few days ago to the coast which is eroding faster than the conservatives trusting Boris. The way it’s going my garden will be by the sea in thirty years time. We went to Spurn Point, a wild and beautiful long curved piece of land. It’s the kind of place you can go on the hottest day of the year and still have to wear a wooly hat and a scarf. The shrinking strip is completely exposed to the elements, the waves seem to crash into it all year round. The beach goes all the way up the East coast for miles to lively seaside towns, all amusements, fish and chips or an ice cream, or all three if you’re in the money. But here all is quiet, and the sea is taking the land, piece by piece.

The old Pillboxes from the second world war that were made to withstand a German invasion are disappearing quickly.

A bit further up the coast, the caravan park will soon be floating. Holiday homes turning into holiday barges. When you rent one now you get a free wetsuit and snorkel.

Luckily for us the carpark was still there when we got back, but by next week you never know….

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

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Whenever I see your name pop up, I know I’m going to be entertained – and I was. What a very unusual-looking piece land! The deterioration is astounding and I surely wouldn’t want to be living in one of those “little white houses with a water view”. Talk about living on the edge! It’s happening everywhere, Vin. Quite the phenomenon, isn’t it? Where’s it all going? Great ink! 🌊 🏝

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So many places have now been abandoned as being too difficult and expensive to save. A lot of what has been lost, and will be lost, is due to our having dredged for sand and gravel off shore. A short term gain and an attitude of ‘let future generations worry about the consequences!’ Great photos Vinny.

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The problem is John, as they put up flood defense’s in one place it just makes it worse in another. Plus a lot of the coast is clay so it erodes quickly


How very tragic! 😢 That looks like such a gorgeous place, but we humans seem to destroy everything we touch. Climate change is very real, as your pictures prove, but people still refuse to open their eyes and do something before it’s too late. Sigh.

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I found your blog by chance and I am pleased that I did. This is a fascinating piece which I enjoyed reading and seeing the photographs. You are right about not truly being able to keep the erosion of the sea at bay – people cannot control nature as much as they think they can; only destroy it hopelessly sans thought!

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Very true. I live in Hull about 25 miles from the coast. So in about 40 years from now, when I open my front door ( if I’m still here!) I’ll be on the beach…

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