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Covid Race 2…..

Long covid diary… Day two hundred and twenty eight…..and counting. I’m feeling a bit better than I did I’m happy to report. I’ve gone from death’s door, then feeling absolutely shite to  terrible. Now I’m currently fairly crap which is a positive. And I don’t want to tempt fate but I’m slowly on the up. […]


Lost in space.

Me and technology have never really been the best of friends. In fact at times we’ve been the worst of enemies. The TV retuning is a nightmare. Ah bring back the old days when a telly warmed up and all you had was three channels. Now the remote flies through the air after half an […]



It’s cold and drab outside. A misty drizzle sticks to the windows. It’s getting dark at four o’clock. Autumn is setting in and winter is on its way. Here are some photos I took in my garden in summer. Warm days and blue sunny skies. Hope you enjoy…

Be Happy life


First of May nineteen sixty five. An amazing event occurred. The angels sang, the heavens shook and flags were unfurled. I came into this world. I don’t know exactly what time because I didn’t have my watch on but one second it was dark the next thing it’s very bright and some bloke in a […]