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The candle flickers and dances with flowing grace. Is that the wind that shakes the panes? My eyes close and I see your pallid face. Bright, now dark, blood, flowing in silent veins. The cold hand that used to touch with longing desire. And my very soul a’shivers. An eternal flame not quenched by deaths […]

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All hallows eve ….

Oh man it’s Halloween weekend…now we have to have a full weekend….the days of scraping a turnip out with a rusty spoon and sticking a tiny candle in it have long gone. Now it’s kids and parents dressed as monsters or zombies knocking on your door carrying little plastic buckets waiting to be filled with […]

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Me and the Pope.

We left the Czech Republic a couple of days ago. My grandson is still in hospital there but tests have been good so fingers crossed he’ll be out soon. When we landed at Manchester Airport I kissed the tarmac ala Pope John Paul the second. I don’t know how he did it so many times […]

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Greetings once again from the Czech Republic. Just a quick blog today. Been a very busy time here with the grandson having tests in hospital but looking good so far. Three days ago I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt basking in 24 degree heat and warm nights. Now it’s cold. Minus 1 last […]