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Two funerals, a few sausage rolls and a pink feather boa.

Two funerals in three weeks. My brother in law first then my sister in law. They were very chalk and cheese and the funerals showed that. For John, it was no service as such because he didn’t believe in God. Pink Floyd played The Great Gig In The Sky and most of The Dark Side […]

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New ears revolution

For some people, catching covid isn’t just a feeling bad for a few days thing. For some, it leaves little gifts along the way. For me one of them is tinnitus. It’s driven me nuts for nearly two years now. That constant high pitched whistling from morning till night has, at times been so loud […]


Black suit and tinsel.

Well I don’t know where to begin. Our Christmas has been truly horrible. My sister in law was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour last year. She had an operation, then chemo, more chemo, everything to buy her a bit more time. But she took a turn for the worse over Christmas and now is […]