Nothing on the Christmas (WordPress) menu…

My WordPress menu skills still haven’t improved. They’re a bit like Boris Johnson. Bloody useless! Giving up for now as it’s making me want to strangle someone, which isn’t good at any time of the year, especially Christmas. Anyway can I wish you all a merry little Christmas, whatever that may be. May your chestnuts […]



I’ve won an award! The Honourable Order of Best Blog owners! The last time I actually won something was in the amusement arcade in Bridlington. One of those grabber machines. Might have been a teddy bear, or a dog…not a real one that would be cruel sticking a pooch in the glass box. So thank […]


Lost in space.

Me and technology have never really been the best of friends. In fact at times we’ve been the worst of enemies. The TV retuning is a nightmare. Ah bring back the old days when a telly warmed up and all you had was three channels. Now the remote flies through the air after half an […]