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I’ve been a busy bunny lately with a few things so the blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. Just looking at my messages and apparently I have new ‘Followers’. My lord I’m so popular! My blog is reaching the masses! I’m going worldwide! But I’ve got to be honest, some of them look a bit… dodgy. I’m not really into Bitcoin and especially sending £200 to them, even if I can make ten times the amount and it’s a genuine opportunity. Can’t say I’m particularly bothered about a successful keto diet. I’m a bit insulted actually, the cheek of it saying I need to lose weight so they can get lost. Besides it’s winter we all need a bit of blubber at this time of year. And as for Male supplements, telling me I can grow an extra three inches….well no thanks I’m tall enough…

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

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This is an ongoing problem for my blog too, Vinny, I keep a very sharp eye on new followers. Sadly, most new followers are removed because they are spam accounts like the ones you mentioned, or, they are a business. Look for the checkout cart or other signs that the site is a business. I have never allowed businesses to follow. Go prune them off!

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Glad you are back, amusing as ever. I’ve been getting a lot of new Followers too. I go to see what they are about and as you mentioned, ALL so strange. Also, the new Bloggers seem to have the same fonts and look of their Blog, nothing UNIQUE. It almost seems they’ve cut/pasted someone else’s posts.

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