Lost in space.

Me and technology have never really been the best of friends. In fact at times we’ve been the worst of enemies. The TV retuning is a nightmare. Ah bring back the old days when a telly warmed up and all you had was three channels. Now the remote flies through the air after half an hour of me looking nonplussed at the blue screen waiting for something to happen.

I’ve fought with laptops and they’ve won every time. Battled with dvd players till the disc has been snapped in two. The washing machine is something NASA would use, and taken an age to master. the DAB radio crackles every time I use it and I’m sick of the neighbours shouting “Alexa!” The world’s gone mad. I think I was born in the wrong era. That or I’m an idiot, probably the latter. Am I the only one out there that’s baffled by the modern world? In fifty years time robots will be running the country (mind you they might do a better job) or even worse, it’s Terminator time.

I can however, get my brain around a mobile phone. It’s taken a while but the old gray matter has finally worked sufficiently to have a go at blogging. Mind you it’s tough going. Not so much the writing but getting to grips with setting out my pages, themes and stuff. I’m hoping that in a year’s time I’ll be up and running!

For now I’ll plod along, slow and steady wins the race and all that, as I curse at the screen. Scratching my head looking lost, trying to figure how to improve these pages. It’s a bit like attempting five Rubix Cubes at the same time, and doing it blindfold. I mean, what the hell does all this mean below ?!

So technology…’s time….get ready for a fight…. This town ain’t big enough for the both of us…..

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

13 replies on “Lost in space.”

That mobile phone or smart phone or iphone – bought one and returned it. Couldn’t even figure out if it was on or off. It’s getting so you can’t function without one if dealing with all parts of the private and public sector. I was hoping having a PC on my desk would be the last tech leap I’d have to make before I kick the bucket.


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