covid life long covid

Forever Covid.

Most people who have read my blogs will know I had coronavirus last year. A very rough time and for a while we all thought I was going to kick the bucket. But luckily for me that didn’t happen so I fully expected to recover, and have done in many respects. That would be that […]



My wife has cooked the food Now I’m washing the pots Every single piece of cutlery And I mean lots and lots! I wash, I dry And still no end in sight I’ll be knee deep in suds Til the middle of the night So spare a thought as you fall to sleep Tucked up […]

Hull, Bee Lady, charity

Attack Of The Killer Bee Lady…..

A couple of years ago I was strolling in the town centre in Hull. I turned and saw this huge bee coming at me. I was startled and to be honest I nearly hit her over the head with a rolled up newspaper but my wife stopped me. Good job I didn’t. Her name is […]

#Mother Nature


The days are starting to lengthen slightly, the Sun setting later every day. It’s still cold and frosty but Mother Nature reminds us that spring will soon be here…