#Mental health life poem

The Good ship, Me.

I sail the boat, the good ship ‘Me’,

Through gales, wind, and stormy sea,

Crushed, smashed, a broken sail,

Hold the wheel, I must prevail…

The good ship ‘Me’ plows proudly on,

Cut through the blue, the clouds are gone,

The sun shines down, the sky is clear,

Gaze to the horizon, it holds no fear….

The good ship ‘Me’ is in the doldrums,

The rigging is limp, and still no breeze comes,

Barely moving, the ocean is still,

I wait, I wait, for sails to fill...

The good ship ‘Me’ is moving now,

Sea sprays up upon the bow,

All is good my sails are trim,

Speed over the water, start to skim,

This sea is life, it breaks and batters,

Keep afloat, that’s all that matters,

Some capsize, some boats sink,

To Davy Jones, eyes black as ink...

I am the boat…..the good ship ‘Me’….

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

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