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Maths….I’ve never really got my head around it, I’m numerically dyslectic I reckon. The maths thick table and I were good friends, my name scratched into the wood with a broken biro. I just couldn’t get it, all those numbers spinning around my head like Stephen Hawking’s blackboard. Does anybody really understand what Pi is? Trigonometry? Square root? Algebra? Just thinking about it takes me back to school sat next to dopey Derek biting his nails looking lost. Mind you he was on every thick table in every lesson. Last I heard he was an accountant and doing very well.

But then when I was a teenager me and a few mates started playing darts. Suddenly it all clicked in. Trebles, doubles, working out a 131 finish, that kind of thing. It all made sense, and you had to be quick, no counting fingers and toes. I think that’s how Archimedes started, chucking a few arrows at a board, shouting in ancient Greek, “One Huuuunnnndddrrreeeddd And Eighty!”

Now it’s easy, grab your phone go straight on the calculator and job done. The no brain strain modern way. In fact it’s that clever it’s making us all stupid, me anyway. Think I’ll ditch the whole technology stuff and go back to basics. I’ll use good old fashioned pen and paper, get that gray matter moving. Right! time to work out this electricity bill. Bloody hell even Archimedes would struggle with this…..on second thoughts I’ll use the calculator!

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

26 replies on “2886+973/95=180!”

I find it very hard to remember math rules that have no practical purpose, so even though I was reasonably good in math, when it got to calculus and trigonometry, I knew I would never use it in my whole life, so it refused to stick in my head.

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Yes, but it’s not about mixing up numbers, or a lack of numeracy. It’s when a person’s brain can’t grasp quantity. It’s like a thousand trillion. Only an exceptional few can grasp that number as a quantity. It causes problems for those with dyscalculia though when the number is 100 or 10.

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Math and I do not agree – never have and never will. (Read my story “Top Alto”) My mister and one of my sons are like human calculators; they do the dirty work for me. And I know what Pi is – pumpkin is one of my favorite! 🥧

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We call that a pot pie – no pot in it but it’s made in a small pot in the oven! Beef or chicken or turkey with potatoes encased in a flaky top and bottom crust. So good! Also love a yummy shepherd’s pie! 🥧

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