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I just bit the bullet and hopped onto the scales. Man alive I’ve put a stone on since last year. That’s about 6 and a half kg to you, I’m still stuck in the old imperial system, this metric malarkey is not for me. It’s the long covid diet that’s done it. Do very little for several months and the weight gradually jumps on you. Those jeans don’t fit or have they shrank in the wash? I’ve never been overweight before so it’s very strange to me having a bit of a gut and how does back fat grow so fast? The big problem is my motivation has left the building, got on a train to the airport and flown away to God knows where and it hasn’t left an address or number to get in touch.

So what do I do? How do I get back on track? I’ll try You Tube and find Joe Wicks. Mind you he’s too cheerful for me, far too happy when he should be grim faced as he sweats away another pound or two. Nobody is that perfect surely? I think he’s nicked other people’s motivation so its his fault I’m becoming portly. Last night I was working out a healthy living and eating plan whilst eating pizza and chips. I know it’s about having a balanced diet, five a day and all that stuff but junk food is just beautiful isn’t it, now and again anyway.

It started after I had covid. Exercise was out of the question. The stairs turned into Everest. Up a few steps, try and breathe as the old ticker jumps out of my chest and everything goes black, sucking in as much air as I could. Hold onto the bannister for dear life. Fives steps next. Repeat until I get to the summit. Bad, bad days. Feeling much better now but still can’t do much exercise. I have my daily workouts and trying to do a bit more every day. Trick is not to push it too far. I’m like one of those supertankers trying to turn around. Slowly moving and making gradual adjustments to turn in the right direction. Problem is my rudder won’t budge so I can’t turn!

So, healthy mind, healthy body. But that’s become a bit difficult now as my two best friends are Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders. I’m normally not keen on clowns but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He whispers softly in my left ear. ” Hey Vin, what meal would make you happy?” Then the Colonel says into my right lug, ” You need something that’s finger lickin good!” “No…No”I say, thinking of salad. I’ve got to be strong minded. I can do it. Yes I can. I can…… Then my wife said as she was going out the door,” I’ve made some sponge cakes. If you want one the cream and strawberries are in the fridge.” …… so…….I’ll start tomorrow………

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

17 replies on “THE COVID DIET.”

I agree but with the bronchitis and pneumonia my appetite left and so did a few pounds. I like that but now I’m feeling a bit better it’s going to be difficult to keep losing. I still have that yucky taste so am not hungry but my mind is thinking salt as in chips! Good luck to you.

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It’s awful! I’ve added some pounds on too and it stinks. I’m sorry that you have our stupid fast food restaurants there too, I call McDonals “McDeath”. Thankfully that stupid clown is long gone from their ads. KFC and I don’t agree if you know what I mean!

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You can keep Ronald McDonald and the Colonel … gimme chocolate!!! I think we’ve all put on a few of what I call ‘pandemic pounds’, but your 6.5 kg or 14 pounds isn’t horrible. Now enjoy your sponge cake, then eat a salad which will kill all the calories from the sponge cake! And anyway, berries are fruit, so they’re good for you!

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Oh, I dunno … I rather like salad … topped, of course, with freshly broiled bacon bits, boiled eggs, tortilla strips, crispy fried onions, chopped pecans, dried cranberries, and … whatever else goes ‘crunch’ and looks appealing! I also include a little bit of lettuce, but making sure I leave room in the bowl for the toppings! And yes … chocolate … preferably dark chocolate … to die for … gimme … must have my chocolate!

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Hmmmm … I cannot remember what you guys call broiled, but it is where you put meat under the top element in the oven, or some ovens have a separate broiler on the bottom … the heat comes from above and sears the meat while cooking it, similar to cooking outside on a grill. I’ll happily throw in a couple of sausages! 😊

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The Tomorrow Diet has been my downfall. 🙂 As my better half said – would I rather eat salad or die clutching my chest? To be honest, I’m still thinking about that. What’s the point of a long life if it’s full of greenery and healthy stuff?


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