Who, What, Where?

What if Diago married Donna?

Or Billy went on Holiday?

Did George C Scott?

Is Bill Withers?

Would Ludvig beet Hoven?

Is Gene Wilder?

And is Taylor Swift?

Would Chevy chase?

What if Julius Caesar?

Will Sam Neill?

Brian May…

Natalie Wood….

19 thoughts on “Who, What, Where?

  1. Love a good chuckle; here’s a few more: We’re visiting Tiger Woods. Did Wynona Ryder? Does Bonnie Raitt while Tom Waits? Are Dominic and Irene Dunne? See Robert Plant while Rogers Waters. I prepared a Chopin Liszt. Did Hugh Grant Tyrone Power? Where did van Gogh? Did Ringo Starr in that movie? I’m crossing Mel Brooks but Dan Rather not. Great Scott Fitzgerald! 🤣 🤣

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