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What the hell is that about….

Last night I was walking with an old lady with no shoes on. Me not the old lady. We were trying to fix a broken cassette tape, brown, thin tape everywhere. Both of us madly trying to spool it back in. Then into some large building that was flooding quickly as I tried in vain to boil something in a pan, before finishing off in a zoo with all the animals running loose, lions and penguins everywhere. The odd chimpanzee swinging on by and people running and shouting as mayhem ensued. I was glad to wake up and have a rest to be honest.

Dreams are the strangest things aren’t they. Some stay with you, others dissolve as soon as you wake up. I wonder what the old noggin does when I’m kipping. It doesn’t have a rest I can tell you that. Is it me or are we all the same?

So I wonder what I’ll be doing tonight? Flying around the clouds in baggy underpants? The wind wafting my nether regions? I wish I could dream about just being asleep…..

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

13 replies on “What the hell is that about….”

This witty story really struck a nerve with me. You see, I’m a very sound sleeper; I fall asleep easily and nothing bothers me. Well, ever since we returned from vacation in mid-August, I have had some sort of unsettling dream every single night. Do you have any idea how exhausting that is? I sure hope they stop soon. I’m so tired!

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Yeah it’s strange. After I had covid and in and out of hospital I had terrible nightmares, over and over. It’s actually how I started blogging just to keep me sane to be honest. Ey! You’ve changed your name! How come? Just fancied something different?

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