Kale v Bacon.

I’m sat here listening to the radio,( Queen. Another one bites the dust. What a tune!) taking my morning concoction of tablets for the old ticker and enjoying a tray of fruit. Definitely more than five a day. Healthy body, healthy mind I tell myself, wishing I had a bacon sandwich instead, with fried mushrooms of course. Why does food that is so bad for you taste so good? If pizza had the same flavour as avacado I wouldn’t touch the stuff. Or fish and chips were like tofu it wouldn’t pass my lips.

Or this??

We all have a food that we love that’s bad for us, what’s yours? Come on be honest. Mine is bangers and mash. I could eat it every day forever and still ask for more, a bit like Oliver pleading for more gruel. ” Please Sir…. Can I have some more….? ” Anyhow all this thought about grub is making me hungry, I may have a bowl of crispy kale for lunch but you never know it could well be a bacon sarny……

47 thoughts on “Kale v Bacon.

      1. Well remembered! If you wanted pork dripping with the jelly in, you asked for mucky dripping. And those sandwiches! My dad used to like sugar and bread with warm milk on it. He called it pobs. Thanks for jogging my memory.

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      2. You used to dream?! We were too busy working 22 hours a day on the dock to dream. We’d get home (when I say home it was an old hut on a disused slag heap full of rotting cod) have a bath in a bucket then chew on a old piece of gristle…..we were poor, but we were happy….

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    1. What together?! Yeah I bet it’s tricky. We were in Czech Republic for 10 weeks and God knows what the bacon is there. Anglizty slalina it’s called. Bloody awful!

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      1. I was really looking forward to it and Man alive I don’t know what animal it could be! Tasted like a diseased donkey hoof.


      1. LOL, the devil’s food!!! Love it, Vinny! I have chronic high bloood pressure, so it’s a daily battle to hold it down under 140. It’s a pain in the bum…

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    1. Oreos are nice aren’t they. A good sweet hit. We have KitKat’s here and they are my favourite. Chocolate and wafer. Tastes fantastic!


    1. Bananas wrapped in foil sliced down the middle with sliced mars bars stuck in it with a bit of rum. Do it on the BBQ for twenty minutes and it’s a gastronomic delight.

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