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New ears revolution

For some people, catching covid isn’t just a feeling bad for a few days thing. For some, it leaves little gifts along the way. For me one of them is tinnitus. It’s driven me nuts for nearly two years now. That constant high pitched whistling from morning till night has, at times been so loud its been hard to listen to people and the radio. Then my hearing changed and my left lug decided to pack in. Long story short, I now have an hearing aid. Man alive it’s amazing! I can now listen to Boris Johnson lying through his teeth a lot easier. Sound has been restored. My days of saying,” You what?” or just “Ey?” with a look of bemusement are gone. Or my wife telling me to turn the telly down. But also my excuse of not hearing has also gone, which is a bit of a drawback. Things sound really weird. When I walked out of the health centre the first thing I noticed was the noise of the traffic. I thought the passing lorry was 747 landing. Opening a bag of crisps is like walking over gravel. A boiling kettle rumbles and the toilet sounds like a tsunami. My new mantra is “No need to shout!” So I’m watching a bit of Saturday night TV with the sound on low. My wife now says, “Can you turn it up!?” Some people are never happy…..

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

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Hi Vinny, I’ve had Tinnitus for decades, it’s just normal background noise for me thanks to too much very loud rock-n-roll when I was younger. It sounds like nobody likes this Boris guy, give him the boot! We need to boot Biden very badly over here. Be well! 🇬🇧

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Hi Vinny! I’m so glad your hearing aid is working out well for you! I’ve been nearly deaf for many years now, having been born partially deaf and it only grew worse as I aged. I was told long ago that I was “not a good candidate” for a hearing aid, that it wouldn’t help me, but now, with new technology, I think I’ll look into it again. Be well and happy, my friend!

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Hearing aids are amazing, aren’t they. It’s like the first time you wear specs and you realise how much you’ve been missing. A big plus for me, is that when Mrs H starts wittering, I just turn them down!

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When I first got glasses at the age of 14 I was amazed at how much I had been missing as my vision had gradually declined. Same with hearing, from what you say. Fortunately I am not deaf yet and would not have any trouble at all if it were not for the modern habit of mumbling instead of talking properly.

Good to hear you are getting back to working order.


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