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Spam Spam Spam and Spam!

As some of you know on here, I’m not the most technically minded individual. Not for lack of trying though I’m just thick. I was having a look around the ‘view admin’ area here on WordPress and bloody hell I have over a hundred spam messages! At first I thought I was just popular but apparently not. Who are these people messaging me? Most of them are recommending vaping which I’ve never tried and probably never will. And I don’t know why they would ask me if I’ve been to Freedom Vape in Huntsville E cig shop in 3545 E Highland Ave Suite H? It’s a bit too far from the UK even if I wanted a smoke.

I haven’t got a clue why it’s called spam but instantly it took me back to Monty Python, and that great sketch with a married couple on one table and a group of singing Vikings on the next. Completely insane but very funny. “LOVELY SPAM! WONDERFUL SPAM!!” they sang until the waitress (Terry Jones) keeps telling them to shut up while she/ he goes through the menu. “Spam sausage spam and chips. Spam spam egg spam and spam,” she/he begins until the Vikings sing again. It’s crazy but it still makes me chuckle.

We had spam when we were kids. It was cheap meal back in the day. Sort of tasty in a salty, rubbery kind of way. I haven’t savoured that pink meat for years( no that’s not a euphemism…) and I don’t I intend to in the foreseeable future. In these healthy times it’s death in a tin can. If you have anybody you dislike send them a tin of spam. They’ll be dead in a month. It’s like a processed voodoo curse. And you don’t have to go to a witch doctor just your nearest supermarket.

I have a question. I’ve briefly looked on the net and can’t see much. So why is spam mail called spam? Because I’m buggered if I know. Anyhow I’m going to the local vape shop. See what all this fuss is about …

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

41 replies on “Spam Spam Spam and Spam!”

LOL, death in a tin can!!!! So true, Vinny! We ate Spam as kids but today it’s just ‘salt city’, great for high blood pressure. My spam folder on my site can have hundreds of spam too, I don’t check it much but it does show that the WordPress Akismet plugin is working very well, I never see any spam comments. Select them all and hit Delete!

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Spam was a treat when I was a kid. And we didn’t think about the salt! I didn’t know they existed on here! Yeah all deleted now. I don’t understand how it all works to be honest.

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We started calling unwanted email “spam” back in the 90’s after the Monty Python skit spam and because a number of younger people don’t like food product spam. A lot of us early software engineers and computer types just loved Monty Python. In fact one of the more popular (and dare I say, useful) computer languages is called, “Python”, again in tribute to that wacky gang of Monty Python.

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Yes, as Andrew said. My understanding also is that the name came from the Python sketch. The waitress is “spammed” or flooded with the word, so it began to be used to describe a great amount of something that’s completely useless such as the ads for vaping. Cheers.

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You have over 100 spam comments? That’s it? I’m so jealous! At last glance, I have had 37,044 that have been caught by Akismet, plus a few that slipped through the filter. Not to mention over 100 spam emails a day, a few texts, and a number of phone calls trying to scam me out of my entire life savings of $10! Imagine if the people who spend all their time developing these spammy messages put their talents to some good use … Sigh.

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Yes, if they didn’t fall for them, then the scammers would be out of business and we could have a bit of peace! Quite often, it’s people in our age range who fall for them, too. They prey on those of us over a certain age!

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I pressed the button thinking I was in for a retro culinary tour and found I’d been spammed, or click-baited . . . or something. We ate Spam a lot when I was growing up and I’m still here to tell the tale. Just eat some vegetables with it. I stopped visiting my spam folder years ago because all the annoying crap is worse for my blood pressure than salt.

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