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Had a brief chat with a very Scottish gentleman yesterday about his dog. He said, “Fbhgrggvi.. kadfvggc.. Staffie! gswrgxjhug ..bad press! Dinnae srthvfdk ..great dog!” I nodded, patted the hound, not my favourite canine in the world and half expecting the beast to bite my hand clean off. “Dnjgryggvt dytf!…soft!” I haven’t got a thing […]

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Well here I am in the sunny (and warm!) Town of Galashiels, Scotland, or as the locals simply call it, Gala. It’s not too far from Edinburgh but a bit of a drive from Hull. Five looooonggg hours. My oldest daughter works here now as a midwife so we’re here to see what delights it […]

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Sea of blue

Hull became the City of Culture in 2017. A year long festival and then beyond. It’s been such a fantastic time with numerous events. An American photographer called Spencer Tunick, who uses a mass of nude people as art, had an idea for the City …. Early one summer morning over three thousand people turned […]

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Back door blues…

So the dining room door has dropped…. You have to kind of lift the handle to close it with a grinding snap, the whole frame shuddering, a 5.5 on the Richter scale. I tell myself it’s a five, ten minute job, no problem. But nearly an hour later I’m scratching my head with the door […]

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I was watching the birds feeding in the garden. I don’t know what they are, big ones, small ones, pigeons, all happily chomping away. Got me thinking we all could take a lesson from our little feathery friends, all different, all together as one… not bothering each other just getting on with life. Then this […]