Life takes us down a twisty, turny path sometimes doesn’t it. Haven’t felt like blogging much these last few weeks. Four months ago my first grandchild was born. A beautiful boy named after me. How can you have that much love for someone you haven’t seen before? Crazy. Anyway he hasn’t been very well, in and out of hospitals here in Yorkshire. Hull, Leeds and now Sheffield. Basically when he feeds the milk goes straight into his lungs so now he’s tube fed directly into his stomach. Hopefully the docs will have an answer to why this happens. I’ve never worried too much about stuff, but this is off the scale. He’s a lovely happy little chappy who makes my heart melt. Tried to write a couple of blogs to take my mind away but it’s shite. Even worse than the normal shite I publish! But don’t worry, the usual shite shall return soon enough.

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

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Congratulations on little Vinny. yes…those kinds of things make it hard to focus on anything else. Maybe blog a Letter to him. what you want him to know about you or what you hope to share one day. Yes.. I know it probably consumes your mind. You are all on mine. Donna

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I can imagine how worried you are.  We’ve been through quite a few health issues with the grandkids and I can only say have faith and try to stay positive.  Good luck Vinny!🤗

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I will say a prayer for your grandson. He is precious in God’s sight! I hope he is doing better and they figured out some new tubes for him. I am no doctor, no nurse, just imagining the possibilities to fix such a thing. I pray you will write about him again in your posts…I just started following you today. Now to pray…as I promised.

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He’s still no further on to be honest. Still tube fed and now waiting for quite a big operation. Your prayers are much appreciated and thank you for asking.

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We just watche “the Ben Carson Story”. Inspirational. It is amazing what the mind God created can do in an operating room. I prayed for his surgeons, nurses, staff and family members. Also, that his tiny body responds well, receives complete healing and restoration. God bless you Vinny. Children are the most precious in HIS sight.
God hears the prayers of his faithful ones.

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