City life poem


A barking dog and a big white van,

Early morning frost and a dustbin man,

Kids go to School via the bakers shop,

Four sausage rolls make your heart say stop,

Smoking mother’s chewing the fat,

Pass a wrinkled man in an old woolly hat,

Straight to the bookies, his money will diminish,

Bellow at a screen at a photo finish,

Traffic starts to crawl, down to a slow snail pace,

High viz man on pushbike with a purple face,

Parents shout at a child in a well worn pram,

Mam on her phone, Dad wishing he could scram,

Bus passes by, engine rumbles through the air,

Young fella at the stop, fumbling for his fare,

School has finished, the exodus has started,

Lolly pop man steps out, not for the fainthearted,

The Chippy opens, the Pizza shop too,

Be open til midnight when the graffiti slides into view,

Street go dark, people breathing out gorgeous white plumes,

All mixed together with countless exhaust fumes,

A rat faced lad runs out of shop,a stolen case of beer,

Rip off Nike’s sprint across the road, destination unclear,

Car drives by, blasting music into the night,

The day ends bathing these streets in white sodium light,

Now all is quiet, all is still, the moon a cheeky sideways grin,

Til the Sun awakes, it’s golden rays stretch out, the next day here kicks in.

This is where I live, summed up in one day. It’s a little rough around the edges but that’s ok. A busy road, shops, lots of hussle and bussle.

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

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