COVID, poem, vaccine,death


Omicron is coming, let’s have one last party!

It won’t bother me, I’m fit, hale and hearty!

What?! Wear a mask?!! No let’s have a drink,

Let’s paint the town red, I’m in the pink!

I have my rights, I’m sick of this limbo,

Covid can do one, it’s Xmas! It’s Crimbo!

It’s only a bug, it’s just like a bad cold,

We’ll be fine, you and me, just the sick and the old,

Let’s all cram together! keep the pubs full!

No one can stop me, I’m dyed in the wool,

What’s this? You Don’t feel well? I’ll still contravene,

Don’t be stupid! Don’t do it! You don’t need that vaccine,

Now it’s my turn, I don’t feel so good,

Can’t breathe, can’t walk, did I listen? No…. but I should,

I’m an unbeliever, a denier, till the day that I die,

But that day is now, my only question is…..why?

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

23 replies on “Denial.”

Yeah same here. My wife saysI have to wear one in bed. Two actually. One for my nose and mouth and the other for the rest of my face. She says it will keep me safe….

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Very funny, Vinny. We gotta remember to laugh through all the BS and lies and what-ifs, do this, don’t do that, I, for one, don’t know who or what to believe. I just go with mu gut, wear my mask no matter what and try to remain positive. Good thing we have each other to lean on and to write about this crazy train or we’d go mad. Be safe and keep laughing!

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