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No it’s not an advert for Ryanair, I snapped it as we were coming in to land. Amazing eh!

Never been on a winter holiday before. Haven’t really had the inclination but the kids (God knows why I still call them kids, all three of them are in their thirties) bought us as holiday as it’s our twenty fifth wedding anniversary, so this is currently my view…..

It’s mid twenties but feels hotter to be honest and I’m getting a little crispy around the edges…

Puerto del la cruz is a beautiful place. On the north of the Island with the Atlantic on one side and mountain views on the other. Apparently it’s where the Spanish go on holiday and it reflects that. Lovely little tapas bars, restaurants down every alley. I’ve taken a few pics…

The Canarian Molly Malone ….
Mount Teide. I climbed it in my Speedos and flipflops…twice…
Breakfast, brunch and…..well….
Black, volcanic sand….
Unfortunately this is staring at me every night overlooking the bed…..
This hairy beast was just chilling in the sun….

The photos really don’t do it justice. The charm and character of this place is unlike anything I’ve ever come across…. anyhow, all this blogging is thirsty work in this heat….Buenas Noches!


By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

29 replies on “Tenerife.”

Same here with the kids; mine are nearing 45 and will always be my kids! I, for one, would give almost anything to see you climbing that mountain dressed as you described. Bet the natives got restless after that! Looks beautiful and restful, Vinny. Enjoy your lovely vacation! 🍹


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