Addicted to Love (Island)

" Your lights are on...but no one's home..." The famous opening line from Robert Palmer's hit song, Addicted to Love. Remember that 1980s video with the supermodels playing the instruments and Robert looking very dapper? It's very apt for the contestants on Love Island. All muscle, tattoo's, and sun kissed beauties pouting. It's everything I … Continue reading Addicted to Love (Island)


A one legged pigeon from Sheffield, Very cool,laid back and quite chilled, He hopped and he pecked, Half can of beer he necked, Then hiccuped, swore and then keeled! I was sat outside Sheffield hospital just minding my own business when this one legged wonder appeared. His friend got even closer then both of them … Continue reading Pigeon


Life takes us down a twisty, turny path sometimes doesn't it. Haven't felt like blogging much these last few weeks. Four months ago my first grandchild was born. A beautiful boy named after me. How can you have that much love for someone you haven't seen before? Crazy. Anyway he hasn't been very well, in … Continue reading Life

The mysterious case of the missing toenail clipping….

A damp chill hung in the air. Drops of rain ran down the windows, racing one another. Shiny puddles danced beneath the sodium lights as I walking into my office. The glass door had my name on it in faded gold lettering. Sam Shovel. Private Dic. Inside, my office was as warm as a Los … Continue reading The mysterious case of the missing toenail clipping….

Natural Beauty.

I was never a big fan of flowers if I'm honest. But the last few years I've begun to really appreciate how lovely they are. This rose has just started to wilt. It's on our table and I look at it everyday and just think it's beautiful. Mother Nature. Wow.


It's cold and drab outside. A misty drizzle sticks to the windows. It's getting dark at four o'clock. Autumn is setting in and winter is on its way. Here are some photos I took in my garden in summer. Warm days and blue sunny skies. Hope you enjoy...