drinking Holiday, Greece life poem SUMMER


Flying away to sand and sun, a little hanky panky, with some girl, name unknown, ouzo breathe, quite lanky,

Wakey wakey! The Brits are here, the yobs are back in town,

The girls aren’t too far behind, how many drinks can they down?

Booming sound and flashing lights, drink and pop those pills,

No pail of water just plenty of shots for these cheeky Jack and Jill’s,

A woman laid out flat, a classy kind of gal, her friend swaying close by, staring at her pal,

Lad walks by, zombie like, enough to make you shiver, drank so much he’s nearly blind, that screaming sounds his liver,

The days merge into night, a good time had by all, you have to slurp till you’ve had your fill, can’t speak, can’t walk, just crawl,

Ah the joys of partying, waking up covered in your own sick, can’t remember where you stay, it had a pool? a bar?white brick?

Two weeks of heaven and hell, you’ll do it all again next year,

You’ll catch an STD, off God knows who, antibiotics please all clear!

The hangovers are all forgotten, sun tans fading away, and it will take twelve months to recover, from that Falaraki holiday.

* Falaraki is a party resort in Greece. Many British people descend there year after year, especially before COVID came along. We Brits have a bit of a reputation abroad. Lots of overindulging and just looking like idiots to be honest.

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

20 replies on “FUN IN THE SUN!”

Yeah, you grow out of it; it’s an integral part of the mating ritual, and the Greeks clean up as a result – in more ways than one. Do you remember when STD meant ‘Subscriber Trunk Dialling’? Could be really kinky if you think about it…

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