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Dobry den! (that’s hello in Czech) I know it’s been a few days but here I am, in the very pretty small city of Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic. Its about fifty miles from the Polish border, give or take. If someone had said a few years ago I would be visiting the Czech […]

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Flying away to sand and sun, a little hanky panky, with some girl, name unknown, ouzo breathe, quite lanky, Wakey wakey! The Brits are here, the yobs are back in town, The girls aren’t too far behind, how many drinks can they down? Booming sound and flashing lights, drink and pop those pills, No pail […]

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Weekend Plans?

What are your plans for this weekend? Anything exciting? I’m thinking of taking my private jet to the south of France and stay on my super yacht for a day or two. Or maybe go a little bit further, skim across the sea to Tuscany and visit my favourite restaurant, La Donk’e Hoof. The head […]