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We took a drive a few days ago to the coast which is eroding faster than the conservatives trusting Boris. The way it’s going my garden will be by the sea in thirty years time. We went to Spurn Point, a wild and beautiful long curved piece of land. It’s the kind of place you […]

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I don’t know where you live but here in Britain the dialects, accents vary greatly from place to place. What somebody says in one part of the country might not make any sense in another part. Here in Hull we have quite a few different words for things. A back alley is called a ten […]

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Pier in Hull.

Just found this photo hidden away on my phone. It’s the old pier here in Hull. A ferry would cross the river Humber, several times a day to Lincolnshire. When the Humber Bridge came along in 1981 the old boat was no longer needed but the pier remains.