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Never been on a winter holiday before. Haven’t really had the inclination but the kids (God knows why I still call them kids, all three of them are in their thirties) bought us as holiday as it’s our twenty fifth wedding anniversary, so this is currently my view….. It’s mid twenties but feels hotter to […]

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The Wedding (part three)

This drive was relatively easy. Three hours up through the Yorkshire Moors then into Cumbria to a tiny Hamlet called Hutton Roof. The house we were staying in was quite old with an odour of ancient, fusty carpets. It says 1874 above the door and I think that’s the last time it’s been decorated. The […]

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The wedding (part two)

That’s 6 hrs 6 mins if you’re in a Ferrari. Took nearly 9 hours but worth every mile. What a beautiful place…. And of course, the happy couple!

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We took a drive a few days ago to the coast which is eroding faster than the conservatives trusting Boris. The way it’s going my garden will be by the sea in thirty years time. We went to Spurn Point, a wild and beautiful long curved piece of land. It’s the kind of place you […]

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Wonders of nature

I know nature is a wonderful thing, our planet is amazing isn’t it, from the highest peaks of The Andes to the black, bottomless oceans. Creatures of all kinds, from plankton to whales, ants to elephants it really is incredible. And one thing I like about wild animals, birds especially, they are much better at […]

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Intensive Scare.

So there I was in the garden, sun shining, busying around like Alan Titchmarsh on speed. Cutting the tree back a bit and getting rid of the jungle at the bottom of the garden. It’s that overgrown I expected a couple of blue arsed baboon’s to jump out it’s that lush. I had an itchy […]

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On the ropes…

It’s the last round…the world is on the ropes being battered by big industry… It’s hanging on grimly…about to fall to it’s knees…down and out… So where do we go from here? Phase down coal but not phase out? Mind you I was trying to cut out biscuits but now I’m phasing them down. One […]

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Last night it showed a clip on the news about the wildfires in Turkey. The reporter filming from a beach in the big resort of Marmaris, a very popular place with the British holidaymaker. The hills were on fire. The sky red and smoke everywhere. Lots of men and women running around but even more […]

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Sunrise and sunset photographed from my garden …

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I had a battle with a wasp this morning. It was that big I was like a lion tamer with a chair and a whip. It must have been some sort of mutated freak of nature. Big as an american football, a stinger that would kill a giraffe and fangs as sharp as needles! I […]

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Mother Nature turned and said, ” What have you people done?””I’ve been here for quite a while spinning around this big old Sun.”” You came along and took me for a ride.”” Killing and poisoning me, you’ll be crying when I’ve died.”” So you think you know better than me?”” Polluting my sky and throwing […]

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The wind blew the tree and the tree danced back Branches creaked Murderous crows swooped and squawked Laughing from above Black sillouettes on gray pallete Dappled leaves lazily float away to pile and decay Bark, withered like old skin It’s roots twist and turn, burrow into earth and stone Standing, grown through seasons past Summers […]