Past Christmas.

I’ve never wrote a poem in my life but here goes….a little Christmas ode….

Oh Christmas time…..

Not enough money in our pockets,

Too many plugs to fit in sockets,

A good excuse to drink all day,

A drunken Santa on his sleigh.

Eat a full pork pie and a selection box,

Slumped in a chair in your reindeer socks,

The turkey is stuffed and so are you,

Another mince pie, maybe one, maybe two?

TVs on, old repeat after repeat,

Unless its EastEnders or Coronation Street,

Forcing down that Christmas pud,

Stomach bulging, heart going thud.

Johnny Mathis singing When A Child Is Born,

Crackers are pulled, not another shoe horn!

Bad jokes told, paper hats on,

The tables a mess, where’s all the food gone?

Not this year though, socially distant,

Just me, the wife and Google assistant,

We’ll Zoom, chat to a face on a screen,

Be different next year with the vaccine.

So it’s a weird one, quiet for a change,

No shouting, no singing, all very strange,

But let’s all do our best, raise a small sherry,

And this Christmas, can still be bright and be merry.

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

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