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The Border.

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The wedding (part two)

That’s 6 hrs 6 mins if you’re in a Ferrari. Took nearly 9 hours but worth every mile. What a beautiful place…. And of course, the happy couple!

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We took a drive a few days ago to the coast which is eroding faster than the conservatives trusting Boris. The way it’s going my garden will be by the sea in thirty years time. We went to Spurn Point, a wild and beautiful long curved piece of land. It’s the kind of place you […]

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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside..

Yesterday we took a little trip to Hornsea. Its a typical seaside town like many here in the UK. I’m very lucky where I live. Half an hours drive and it’s the east coast. The North Sea is a bit nippy even in summer but the sandy beach is beautiful. We did get dive bombed […]

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Sunrise and sunset photographed from my garden …

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Pier in Hull.

Just found this photo hidden away on my phone. It’s the old pier here in Hull. A ferry would cross the river Humber, several times a day to Lincolnshire. When the Humber Bridge came along in 1981 the old boat was no longer needed but the pier remains.