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Last night it showed a clip on the news about the wildfires in Turkey. The reporter filming from a beach in the big resort of Marmaris, a very popular place with the British holidaymaker. The hills were on fire. The sky red and smoke everywhere. Lots of men and women running around but even more were laid on the beach, trying to catch the rays through a hazy sky with not a care in the world it seemed. Oblivious to the fact that the place was burning all around them, as if it were none of their concern. Some people were still trying to order a beer as the barman ran off the beach. Maybe that’s how we all are. Stretched out as the world crashes and we just go on with our lives and drink a cocktail at the same time.

So that’s it now… a final warning from the experts for all of us.” A code red for humanity,” say the UN Scienists. Floods, fires, heatwaves, rising sea levels… I know some people will say this global warming lark is a natural cycle of the earth but let’s be honest, it’s a complete and utter man made balls up. Our fast paced world is being well and truly bitten on the arse by mother nature and there will only be one winner. And when we’ve gone the way of the dodo, she’ll replenish the planet as best she can. Give it a few million years and put the animals back in charge. I’m sure they’ll do a better job than our world leaders have done.

It’s all down to money of course, it always is isn’t it. Bland looking men in suits deciding which direction our world is going. Who are all these people? They stand together like shop dummies. Mind you I’d take a shop dummy instead of Boris. The question is how do we stop these countries and huge businesses from throwing all that pollution into the sky?  I just don’t know, maybe stop buying all the stuff they produce? Supply and demand I suppose. Now might be a good time to stop consuming. We fill our homes with rubbish then replace it with new, shiny rubbish. Everything is disposable as a plastic bag and as quick to throw away. I’m not normally pessimistic but I can’t see a change at all. People will just carry on even as the fires burn. It’s like we are all aboard a bullit train, hurtling along a track that will run out very soon and the driver doesn’t want to apply the brakes.

I try and do my bit. Recycle as much as possible, use less electric, less water (getting washed is very overated)  but it’s a spit in the plastic filled oceans. No wonder Greta Thunburg always looks pissed off. Maybe when the floodwater is racing through a few capital cities things may alter. In the meantime all of us should get a little boat and a house on stilts. Here in Hull we had major flooding in 2007. The sky turned black and the heavens opened. A months rain in a few hours. Never experienced anything like it. Our street turned into a river but it was nothing compared to the floods in Europe and China. I think the days of ‘ I’m alright Jack it doesn’t affect me’ are disappearing as fast as the ice caps.

Ideally in twenty years time we’ll all be riding bikes, reusing everything we have and cleaned up our act. Probably though, it’ll be the opposite and the world will get hotter, wetter and the weather more violent than we can imagine. I suppose wearing a wetsuit or fire proof clothes for work will become the norm. We’re leaving a mess that’s for sure, like the aftermath of a wild party, only this one will take a lot longer to clean up.

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

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Thanks for sharing your honest view of a slow-moving crisis of our own making. Those “Bland looking men in suits deciding which direction our world is going” believe that their well-stocked and well-defended luxury havens in New Zealand (or wherever) or on a colony somewhere in space will shield them when society collapses in chaos. I agree that now is the time to stop consuming more “new, shiny rubbish.”

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The truth is that no matter how much we cut back on plastic there are just too many of us. I would start the process of population control by sterilising every member of every government in the world. Just put me in a room with Boris and two bricks . . .

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I am in agreement with you on this, Vinny! Of course, no one will change. The ultra-rich think they will be able to live on the Moon, Mars, or some other planet and leave the rest of us slobs to drown in the filth they left behind. Hey, wait a minute, that sounds like a plot for a book. Might be my next one.

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Just as you get close to cleaning up afterr the wild party you blink, and the mess is back. We have to stop pretending we’re trying to maked a difference while acrtually drilling for another oil well, or passing a law allowing fracking.. Get a move on with the alternnative energy sources.

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