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Ye Plotting Parlour…

We have a few old pubs in Hull. One of them is called Ye Old White Harte. And it is old, built in 1550, tucked down a little allayway. It’s a beautiful place with so much history. In 1642 King Charles and The Parliament didn’t see eye to eye. He was on his way around […]

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I was watching the birds feeding in the garden. I don’t know what they are, big ones, small ones, pigeons, all happily chomping away. Got me thinking we all could take a lesson from our little feathery friends, all different, all together as one… not bothering each other just getting on with life. Then this […]

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Imagine being young,Imagine being female,Imagine you have a future,Imagine being terrified,Imagine men with guns,Imagine hope being stolen,Imagine being told how to live,Imagine your freedom taken away,Imagine hate wrapped in religion,Imagine losing everything,Imagine living in darkness,Imagine having no voice,Imagine begging for help,Imagine silence.