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Wonders of nature

I know nature is a wonderful thing, our planet is amazing isn’t it, from the highest peaks of The Andes to the black, bottomless oceans. Creatures of all kinds, from plankton to whales, ants to elephants it really is incredible. And one thing I like about wild animals, birds especially, they are much better at […]

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A one legged pigeon from Sheffield, Very cool,laid back and quite chilled, He hopped and he pecked, Half can of beer he necked, Then hiccuped, swore and then keeled! I was sat outside Sheffield hospital just minding my own business when this one legged wonder appeared. His friend got even closer then both of them […]

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About a year before the pandemic a council estate next to where I live was being flattened to make way for ‘Affordable Housing’. All those empty homes attracted vandals who decided they would help with the demolishing. Lighting fires, causing havoc and general mayhem…. Then some bright spark had a good idea… Let professional graffiti […]