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New ears revolution

For some people, catching covid isn’t just a feeling bad for a few days thing. For some, it leaves little gifts along the way. For me one of them is tinnitus. It’s driven me nuts for nearly two years now. That constant high pitched whistling from morning till night has, at times been so loud […]

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Omicron is coming, let’s have one last party! It won’t bother me, I’m fit, hale and hearty! What?! Wear a mask?!! No let’s have a drink, Let’s paint the town red, I’m in the pink! I have my rights, I’m sick of this limbo, Covid can do one, it’s Xmas! It’s Crimbo! It’s only a […]

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The Jab.

I had my second covid vaccination yesterday. Brilliant to get it done. Very quick, very easy. Smooth as clockwork. They give you some paperwork with various things on it like side effects. Today I feel like I’ve been kicked by a horse. Not a little Shetland pony but a gigantic Shire horse. A very angry […]