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The Unhappy Elf.

You see a lot of them, this time of year. Faces that should be shining with glad tidings and joy but look more like a slapped arse. Their cup of Christmas cheer is leaking and definitely down to the dregs. Those morose shop assistants having to wear a ridiculous hat whatever the circumstances…. Had a […]

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Where the heart is.

It was at that very second, after nearly fourty years of marriage, two grown up boys and years of put downs and insults, the decision was made. There, in her kitchen. She was going to murder him. Not in the fit of rage that already started to build up in her, but a cold, calculated […]

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Imagine being young,Imagine being female,Imagine you have a future,Imagine being terrified,Imagine men with guns,Imagine hope being stolen,Imagine being told how to live,Imagine your freedom taken away,Imagine hate wrapped in religion,Imagine losing everything,Imagine living in darkness,Imagine having no voice,Imagine begging for help,Imagine silence.