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Well here I am in the sunny (and warm!) Town of Galashiels, Scotland, or as the locals simply call it, Gala. It’s not too far from Edinburgh but a bit of a drive from Hull. Five looooonggg hours. My oldest daughter works here now as a midwife so we’re here to see what delights it […]

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Greetings once again from the Czech Republic. Just a quick blog today. Been a very busy time here with the grandson having tests in hospital but looking good so far. Three days ago I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt basking in 24 degree heat and warm nights. Now it’s cold. Minus 1 last […]

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The fruit of death…

Orange is the deadliest fruit, Take a bite and it will shoot, It’s deadly venom into the sky, A direct hit, straight in the eye, Pain hits, have you been stung by a bee? No it’s worse than that, blinded by vitamin C, Next time I’m sticking to a granny smith, Cos this sphere of […]

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Kale v Bacon.

I’m sat here listening to the radio,( Queen. Another one bites the dust. What a tune!) taking my morning concoction of tablets for the old ticker and enjoying a tray of fruit. Definitely more than five a day. Healthy body, healthy mind I tell myself, wishing I had a bacon sandwich instead, with fried mushrooms […]