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Where the heart is.

It was at that very second, after nearly fourty years of marriage, two grown up boys and years of put downs and insults, the decision was made. There, in her kitchen. She was going to murder him. Not in the fit of rage that already started to build up in her, but a cold, calculated […]

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Scooby Doo came on telly the other day. I used to love cartoons when I was a kid, Tom and Jerry, Daffy duck, Speedy Gonzales that kind of thing. But my favourite had to be Scooby. All those adventures with monsters and werewolves that turned out to be the caretaker or the bank manager. Those […]

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A light touch.

Paul locked the cubicle and sat on the toilet lid. He pulled out the purse and zipped it open, deftly picking out the notes and counting quickly. Fourty five quid. Plus coins of course. Not bad. The woman had been busy with her young kid in a buggy, a bit flustered as the boy screamed […]

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Family history

I’ve been researching my family tree for a few years now, off and on because basically, I’m hoping somewhere down the line I have royal blood. After all I have ears like Prince Charles. Or if not regal, at the very least a Lord or Lady. I’m still searching but all I’ve found is paupers, […]

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Once upon a time..

I’m writing a book. It’s a thrilling thriller. When I say I’m writing it’s just the first page so far, well the title anyway. It’s called GOLDILOCKS. THE REVENGE. The story goes like this… After the porridge incident Goldie becomes a delinquent, in and out of junvinile courts and blames those bears dressed as humans […]