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Ms Stratton had lot’s of fun And laughed about the cheese and wine So it went viral Her life did a spiral Then cried as she had to resign Boris said he didn’t know About the latest shit show Full of anger and sorrow Hoping we all toe the line About the rules they decline […]

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Omicron is coming, let’s have one last party! It won’t bother me, I’m fit, hale and hearty! What?! Wear a mask?!! No let’s have a drink, Let’s paint the town red, I’m in the pink! I have my rights, I’m sick of this limbo, Covid can do one, it’s Xmas! It’s Crimbo! It’s only a […]

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Me and the Pope.

We left the Czech Republic a couple of days ago. My grandson is still in hospital there but tests have been good so fingers crossed he’ll be out soon. When we landed at Manchester Airport I kissed the tarmac ala Pope John Paul the second. I don’t know how he did it so many times […]

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Road trip.

Going on a little road trip in these covid times is a bit of a strange thing to do but off we go. The reason we are going is my daughter lives in the Czech Republic. She had my grandson in the UK but he was quite ill so they stayed for six months. The […]

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The Jab.

I had my second covid vaccination yesterday. Brilliant to get it done. Very quick, very easy. Smooth as clockwork. They give you some paperwork with various things on it like side effects. Today I feel like I’ve been kicked by a horse. Not a little Shetland pony but a gigantic Shire horse. A very angry […]

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Forever Covid.

Most people who have read my blogs will know I had coronavirus last year. A very rough time and for a while we all thought I was going to kick the bucket. But luckily for me that didn’t happen so I fully expected to recover, and have done in many respects. That would be that […]

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Covid Race 2…..

Long covid diary… Day two hundred and twenty eight…..and counting. I’m feeling a bit better than I did I’m happy to report. I’ve gone from death’s door, then feeling absolutely shite to  terrible. Now I’m currently fairly crap which is a positive. And I don’t want to tempt fate but I’m slowly on the up. […]

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First of May nineteen sixty five. An amazing event occurred. The angels sang, the heavens shook and flags were unfurled. I came into this world. I don’t know exactly what time because I didn’t have my watch on but one second it was dark the next thing it’s very bright and some bloke in a […]

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Moon face, Alan Shearer and the corridors of doom…

It’s incredible really, what coronavirus does to the body, but also the mind. Mental health is something I’ve never had to think about, let alone worry about but these last few months have been a kick for body and mind. I’m sure when the boffins get all the research data about the virus they will […]


The covid race…..

Well here I am. It’s the middle of September and I’ve just had my ninth time in an ambulance since just before Easter. Flashing lights,sirens screaming and me in the back wired up to the ECG and oxygen. My Google timeline since then has been from home to hospital then back over and over again. […]