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What the hell is that I hear you cry! This humble dish is a Hull Pattie. When Egon Ronay, the well known food critic tried one he wept tears of joy and had to be dragged out of the chippy, screaming for more…It’s a local delicacy that will make those taste buds dance the fandango […]

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Good God what is it with rice? Put two cups in it said. Put water in it said. It didn’t say you now have enough rice to feed the Chinese Army and let’s face it, they have a lot of soldiers. It’s like the magic porridge pot. So it’s rice on the menu for the […]

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Recipe for disaster.

I’m just sat watching the telly and my lord there is some absolute rubbish on. Every channel has been taken over by endless gameshows, rolling news and worst of all, cookery programmes. Chefs are now practically superstars. All for slinging a few ingredients in a pan and charging rediculous prices which people seem happy to […]