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Sea of blue

Hull became the City of Culture in 2017. A year long festival and then beyond. It’s been such a fantastic time with numerous events. An American photographer called Spencer Tunick, who uses a mass of nude people as art, had an idea for the City …. Early one summer morning over three thousand people turned […]

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Who, What, Where?

What if Diago married Donna? Or Billy went on Holiday? Did George C Scott? Is Bill Withers? Would Ludvig beet Hoven? Is Gene Wilder? And is Taylor Swift? Would Chevy chase? What if Julius Caesar? Will Sam Neill? Brian May… Natalie Wood….

#blog Czech drinking statues


Dobry den! (that’s hello in Czech) I know it’s been a few days but here I am, in the very pretty small city of Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic. Its about fifty miles from the Polish border, give or take. If someone had said a few years ago I would be visiting the Czech […]

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What the hell is abstract art? It is a very strange thing to me. Sometimes its looks as if an animal has done it. So I had a think ( I know, I know it’s dangerous ) Googled it and would you believe it, animals do actually paint. The one above was painted by Congo […]

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I don’t know where you live but here in Britain the dialects, accents vary greatly from place to place. What somebody says in one part of the country might not make any sense in another part. Here in Hull we have quite a few different words for things. A back alley is called a ten […]

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About a year before the pandemic a council estate next to where I live was being flattened to make way for ‘Affordable Housing’. All those empty homes attracted vandals who decided they would help with the demolishing. Lighting fires, causing havoc and general mayhem…. Then some bright spark had a good idea… Let professional graffiti […]