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Wonders of nature

I know nature is a wonderful thing, our planet is amazing isn’t it, from the highest peaks of The Andes to the black, bottomless oceans. Creatures of all kinds, from plankton to whales, ants to elephants it really is incredible. And one thing I like about wild animals, birds especially, they are much better at […]

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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside..

Yesterday we took a little trip to Hornsea. Its a typical seaside town like many here in the UK. I’m very lucky where I live. Half an hours drive and it’s the east coast. The North Sea is a bit nippy even in summer but the sandy beach is beautiful. We did get dive bombed […]

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What the hell is abstract art? It is a very strange thing to me. Sometimes its looks as if an animal has done it. So I had a think ( I know, I know it’s dangerous ) Googled it and would you believe it, animals do actually paint. The one above was painted by Congo […]