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Intensive Scare.

So there I was in the garden, sun shining, busying around like Alan Titchmarsh on speed. Cutting the tree back a bit and getting rid of the jungle at the bottom of the garden. It’s that overgrown I expected a couple of blue arsed baboon’s to jump out it’s that lush. I had an itchy […]

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Two funerals, a few sausage rolls and a pink feather boa.

Two funerals in three weeks. My brother in law first then my sister in law. They were very chalk and cheese and the funerals showed that. For John, it was no service as such because he didn’t believe in God. Pink Floyd played The Great Gig In The Sky and most of The Dark Side […]

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Meeting your maker… popping your clogs… bite the dust…. kicking the bucket..I’ve had more brushes with death than Evil Knievel and I don’t ride a motorcycle or wear the cape. And I definitely haven’t tried to jump the Grand Canyon. But I have had a few near misses though. Five heart attacks, a stent, which […]