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On the ropes…

It’s the last round…the world is on the ropes being battered by big industry… It’s hanging on grimly…about to fall to it’s knees…down and out…

So where do we go from here? Phase down coal but not phase out? Mind you I was trying to cut out biscuits but now I’m phasing them down. One less every year for the next five years then possibly go to one and a half biccies. I’m hoping in twenty five years I’ll be having five less biscuits. What a difference it will make. Its projected that my waist line will be down by as much as five millimetres…..I was watching the end of COP26, all those smartly dressed people shaking heads at each other, deciding our future. In the end, China and India kissed and made up and said no thanks World. It’s all just a sad, shitty joke with a bad punchline.

Maybe all those crazy disaster movies aren’t so crazy after all. I’m hoping when a tornado comes down the street it’ll fly me off to the Land of Oz. I’d rather have a cackling witch and flying monkeys than the reality of floods, deadly heatwaves and so on. It won’t affect me though I’ve decided to bury my head in the sand like most people, seems the easiest thing to do. Either that or buy a boat or live on top of a mountain like Grizzly Adams. Or grow wings and webbed feet? Birds seem to survive everything. And it’s in the Bible, “The beak shall inherit the earth.” It’s that depressing I’m off for a couple of phased down biscuits….

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

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Improving at a glacial pace. There are going to be months of repair time. Supply lines from the coast have all been severely damaged (rail and road) and more rain is expected. The army has been called in and every aircraft pressed into service to ferry supplies. Climate change at work …

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