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Summer time…..

Summer is here! Get out your brollies,

Soggy food in your vest and trollies,

Here I am, feeling a bit like Cinderella,

Going nowhere with a cold sausage and warm can of Stella,

Wait! Wait! I see the Sun! Better dry out that burger bun,

It’s getting hotter! Oh Fantastic! Time to have fun, be enthusiastic,

But then, what’s this? The skies turning black,

That big dark thunderstorm is ready to attack,

But I’ll stay here, weather can you get any worse?

No please not or I will submerse,

It’s cats and dogs, a biblical flood,

My veggie patch is a flowing river of mud,

Shivering with trenchfoot, the path becomes a menace,

More water here now than there is in Venice.

Just checked the forecast, they say not a cloud up in the sky,

But I’m wading knee deep, going up to my thigh,

That’s it I’m done, the BBQs floating away,

But as Scarlett O’Hara said,

” Tomorrow is another day.”

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

22 replies on “Summer time…..”

We have the same, but with the added joy of tornadoes and power outages! Lightning hit a house a block over and set it afire, a tornado hit a couple of miles up the road, and my friend a mile away has been without electricity all evening. Plus, we had hail the size of my fist for a few short minutes! Want to trade? Stay warm and dry, my friend … sunny days will be along soon … maybe.

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